1. History

R.I.P. has been created – like the name suggests it – as a retirement home for older players. Simply relax and enjoy the game when real life allows it.

Historicaly, the name comes from a medal given to our Pilots.

Offline Hero – This medal is awarded to those pilots who, had they been online, would surely have made a great contribution to the corporation. Unfortunately, they were not…. First awardee was Jayad.

We have (currently)  no intention of claiming sovereignity nor settling into a certain place in New Eden.

2. Rules

We have few simple rules:

  • NRDS in Providence and Amarr space. In Providence we live under CVA policy.
  • NBSI in other parts of New Eden.
  • No scamming.
  • No griefing (can baiting, ninja salvaging…)
  • No botting.

3. Standings

Our Alliance blue list (06.02.2012):

  • Apocalypse Now
  • Care Factor
  • Eternal Evocations
  • Silent Infinity
  • Supernova Federation
  • The Forsaken
  • The Fourth District
  • TSOE Consortium
  • Yulai Federation
Are you not on this list but should be. Then convo our diplos.
This list is under constant editing.

4. Membership

You are interested in joining R.I.P? Then you should aggree to the above mentioned rules.